Barça staff lowers salary and donates to employees

first_imgThe soap opera of the negotiation between the Barcelona directive and the first football team for the salary reduction in the framework of a temporary employment regulation file (ERTE) has concluded with an agreement of which the details are not known, but which closes with the players of the first one, lowering the salary by more than 70%, but very far from the board.Messi issued a statement As captain of the team defending that the club has put them under the spotlight and being very hard on the board. The captain defends that they “ALWAYS” (highlights it in capitals) have helped the club when asked.And to prove it, the Argentinean announces that the squad will a series of donations and financial resignations so that the employees of the entity’s non-sports staff affected by the ERTE do not have to avail themselves of it and they can continue to collect their full salary.It remains to be seen how this agreement is carried out in detail, but the ERTE will be presented in the next 24/48 hours.In this sense, the club was willing to act unilaterally and had issued an ultimatum the staff in the sense that as soon as they had the documentation prepared, they would present it to the Department of Treball of the Generalitat. “The club will present the ERTE, if the players have changed their minds, perfect, if not, we will also present it. It is not necessary an agreement to present an ERTE for reasons of force majeure ”, they had defended from the direction of the club.This Monday, the entity explained the agreement in this note: “The Board of Directors of FC Barcelona, ​​the members of the staff of all professional sports and most of the basketball team They have reached an agreement for the reduction of their wages during the time that the alert status is prolonged due to Covid-19.In the case of the first soccer team, the reduction will be more than 70% initially raised by the club. This additional contribution from the squad, plus the contribution that the Club will make, will guarantee 100% of the salaries of all non-sports personnel, who will undergo an ERTE this week.The club wants to thank the involvement of its professional athletes, in a situation as exceptional as that generated as a result of this health emergency. “The players, through the mouth of Messi explained in previous days that the delay of the agreement was only due to the fact that the best solutions for everyone were being sought.Now, it seems that an issue is solved, but another uncertain question opens, which is the relationship of the staff with the board.last_img


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