Joint Animal Services: Tips for Keeping Pets Safe When Temperatures Rise

first_imgFacebook0Tweet0Pin0Submitted by Joint Animal ServicesSummer is here and temperatures are rising. Animal Joint Services wants you to know that your parked  car can be a dangerous place for your pet. Even on cloudy summer days with the windows down a couple inches, the inside of your car can reach over 100 degrees in just minutes. While the weather may appear comfortable outdoors, the buildup of heat inside your car can kill your pet. Pets can die of heatstroke or suffer brain damage within minutes. During summer days, it’s better to keep your pet at home. However, if you have to bring them along, park in shaded areas, keep windows open, and only leave pets for a couple minutes. Keep your pet hydrated by providing adequate cool water. One tip is to freeze a bowl of water, which also avoids spillage. Don’t take a chance with your pet’s life. Keep them safe and cool this summer. This message is brought to you by Animal Services. For more information, contact Animal Services at 360-352-2510 or visit read more

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Options for Future Considered at SH

first_imgBy John BurtonSANDY HOOK – People love and care for the Gateway National Recreation Area but feel that the federal government can do more to enhance visitors’ experiences.Unit Coordinator Peter McCarthy (standing in uniform) joins representatives from the National Park Service at an open house at Gateway National Recreation Area at Sandy Hook on Sept. 18 to discuss with the public proposed management plans for the next 20 years at the federal park.That was the message the National Park Service heard when it offered the public a chance on Tuesday, Sept. 18, to offer their opinions about the future of the park. The open house was held specifically to get public input on the four proposals on the table for the park’s general management plan. The plan, when finalized, will steer NPS’s resources for the next 20 years for not only Gateway National Recreation Area at Sandy Hook, but all of the Gateway areas located in the New York/New Jersey area.The small number of people who made the drive to the chapel at Fort Hancock on the blustery, rainy day, had the opportunity to hear from NPS representatives, question them and to offer their input.“I love coming here,” said Joe Forsthoffer of South Amboy, “and I’m concerned about what’s going to happen.”Forsthoffer said he regularly visits the park with his bicycle in tow for long rides in nice weather. He’ll get up sometimes as early as 5 a.m. to make the trip to cycle along the paved trail that runs the length of the park. “My kids think I’m crazy,” he said. “But it’s incredible here, the nature, the scenery.”Forsthoffer would like whatever is done at Sandy Hook to concentrate on maintaining the natural beauty of the site and preserving the aging buildings at Fort Hancock.Fort Hancock is a historic former military installation, located at the northern tip of the park jutting into Sandy Hook Bay.The long-term planning options under consideration for the park are:Alternative A would maintain the current management, retaining the status quo.Alternative B, labeled “Discovering Gateway,” would have park officials working to improve community connections to highlight the site’s historic, educational and natural attractions to make it a more popular destination.Alternative C, “Experienc­ing Preserved Places,” would stress the location’s historic significance. Preservation and restoration would receive added attention.Alternative D, “Connecting Coastlines,” would have the park service and any selected partners seeking to stress water-based recreation empha­size the site’s education potential focusing on marine habitats.The hearing and decision-making process “will help us make a decision about what’s best for all of Gateway,” said John Harlan Warren, a NPS spokesman.“It’s ambitious, I’ll tell you that,” said Dennis Mochtak of Clark.Mochtak dismissed the first alternative, noting, “I don’t think leaving the park alone is an option.” Bolstering its educational and recreational potential struck home for him. “I think it’s a great park and educational and fun,” and that should be emphasized, he said.Mochtak, however, was mixed about the preservation of Fort Hancock’s aging buildings. “Some of it should be preserved but some of it should be let go,” he said. “Sometimes we try to save too much.”Ingeborg Perndorfer of Rumson uses the park year-round to ride her bike, reveling in its “wide open spaces, the natural condition.“I’d like to see an increase in recreational opportunities,” she said. She favors having locations for visitors to rent kayaks, canoes and long boards on the bay side. NPS also should install a second paved path, so cyclists don’t have to compete with those walking and rollerblading along it, she said.Other suggestions Perndorfer put forth were a path along the actual beachfront – the existing path is set back and makes its way through a nature area – and shuttle buses to cut down on traffic and relieve parking.“I’d like to see as little commercialization as possible,” she stressed by limiting businesses to what would be used by park visitors.Bill Marraccini, executive director of the Monmouth Conservation Foundation, attended the open house to get a sense of what was being proposed. The foundation is a countywide not-for-profit organization working on preserving open space.“MCF has an interest in Sandy Hook and always has,” he said. He planned to report back to the organization’s board at its annual meeting. “As with any team, you can expect there can be a difference of opinion,” he predicted when the board convenes, “but there will be a consensus.”The public has until Oct. 5 to offer its views which may be submitted in writing through the NPS website or by mail, Warren said.In addition to the Sandy Hook open house, NPS representatives conducted similar events for the other Gateway National Recreation Area sites at Floyd Bennett Field, Brooklyn, N.Y. and Great Kills Park, Staten Island, N.Y.last_img read more

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Trafalgar’s Micah May shocks the field at the Kootenay Kramp 2011

first_imgIn the Senior Girl’s race, Andrea Stinson of LVR won for the second time this season with a time of 30:07. Jill Reynolds of Rossland, a full two minutes behind Stinson, was second with Taylor Wilson of J.V. Humphries third.Suzanne Fraser of Rossland was fourth followed in fifth by Katie Camilleri of LVR. Darya Huser and Lynsey Gray, both of Salmo, finished sixth and seventh. Amy Akselson-Schroder of Rossland, Claire Young of LVR and Lara Lamers of LVR placed eighth, ninth and tenth, respectively.In the junior divisions, Kieran Marchand of Trafalgar edged Tyrell Bostic of New Denver and Ezra Fox of Trafalgar at the wire to capture the Boy’s race.In Junior Girl’s, Maya Ida of Trafalgar easily won the title, capturing the crown by a full six minutes over Jocey Terwood of Salmo.Anika Nykanen of Self-Design and Rebecca Bracewell of Waldoff finished tied for third.The West Kootenay circuit shifts to Champion Lakes Wednesday as the Salmo Falcons play host to the race.The West Kootenay Championships go October 19th at the Camp Busk Trails south of Nelson.The East/West Kootenay Championships are hosted in Fernie October 26th.The top runners qualify for the B.C. High School Cross Country Championships November 5th in Micah May of Trafalgar did the unthinkable at the West Kootenay Kramp High School Cross Country Race held last week in Nelson.The Grade 8 Totem runner shocked the experts by edging out pre-season favorite Shawn DeGroot at the wire to capture the Senior Boy’s race at the LVR hosted race near the Selkirk College Tenth Street Campus.May won the Senior Boy’s race in a time of 37 minutes, 35 seconds.The time five seconds better than DeGroot, a senior at LVR who raced despite suffering from a bout of sickness.Levi Smith and Owen Thurston, both of LVR, finished fourth and fifth behind third-place finisher Peter Locke of LVR. Locke’s time was 39:10.Eli Bukoski of Kaslo’s J.V. Humphries finished sixth with Walker Dempster, Dale Cushway, Oliver Hale and James Janz, all of LVR, rounding out the top ten.last_img read more

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2012 Nelson Fat Tire Fest was a blast

first_imgBaker Street was filled with riders celebrating the start of the festival, held in the memory of Cam Alexander, who was an avid cyclist who lost his life while riding his bike 17 years ago.The Kids Competition at Rosemont Bike Park attracted 90 riders along with 65 participants at the other events — cross country and downhill — making organizers very happy with the response for the 17th annual event.17th Annual Fat Tire Fest 2012 ResultsDouble Up Cross-Country Sane Open Women:       •     “Babies not on board” – Jessica DeMars, Doris Hausleitner; 39min, 24s     •    “Ozadian” – Katie Mitchell, Jenneka Plug; 40.20     •    “Sedona Riders” – Katherine Remple, Meredith Eaton; 1.13.26Sane 80+ Mixed:     •     Laura Lundie, Thierry Brionne; 57.58Sane Over/Under:     •     “Big Fish & Little Fry” – Rod DeLeeuw, Tiegan DeLeeuw; 47.14     •    “Dust Bunnies” – Jim Jamieson, Oso Punchard; 1.20.29     •    “Wake and Brake” – Blair Weston, Jordan Weston; 1.24.04Insane 100+:     •    “Clear Cut” – Sandy Mitchell, Randy Richmond; 1.22.42Insane Open Men     •     “Ask Travis” – Joe  Schwartz, Travis Hauck; 58.53     •    “LeDee” – Steve Doucet, Scott Legere; 1.01.12     •    “Super G” – Gerry Heacock, Sylvain Turgeon; 1.04.12     •    “Wagon Wheels” – Mark Weigeldt, Brian Chard; 1.05.59     •    “5 Bucks Short” – Ned Woods, Jeremy Major; 1.06.15     •    “Sacred Ride” – Dude Woikin, Mark Holt; 1.11.17     •    “400 lbs of Meat” – Mark Crowe, Charles Arnold; 1.16.36     •    “We’ll get there when we get ther” – Ben Eaton, Jan Korinek; 1.17.37     •    “Smoke em if you got em” – Dylan Henderson, Lucas Meyers; 1.32.00     •    “Team Tricycle” – Jeremy Pawlowicz, Ken Bancroft; 1.40.50Insane Open Women     •     “Purple People Eaters” – Kelly Geisheimer, Andrea Mccormick; 1.15.56Insane 80+ Men     •     “Macdonald” – Anothony Maley, Kelly Robertson; 1.19.14     •    “Sweepers” – Tom Atkins, Alan Danks; 1.33.14Insane Junior     •     Peter Locke, Rachel McKenzie; 1.40.28Insane Open Mixed     •     “Joe Blow” – Danielle Dornik, Jeremy Baker; 1.17.53     •    “Kiwi Kruisers” – Will Young, Nik Bernhard; 1.34.04Insane 100+ Mixed     •    “Team Cooke” – Dan Cooke, Sharon Cooke; 1.40.19     •    “G&G” – Linda Jamison, Con Diamond; 1.41.37Double Down Downhill U-13 Female:     •    Oso Punchard; 2.29.13 and 2.19.00     •    Cayenne CaneyU-13 Male:     •    Elias Swearingin; 1.21.54 and 1.22.00     •    Coda Punchard; 2.19.00 and 2.17.00     •    Moss; 1.50.31 and 1.46     •    Adam Kuch; 1.24.14 and 1.29.00     •    Arlo Henderson; 2.15.17 and2.22.0013-15 Male     •    Christopher Deveono; 10.18.36 and 10.17.00     •    Benoit Thibault; 10.34.22 and 10.28.00     •    Jona Caney; 14.34.50 and 13.54.00     •    Harper Henderson; 14.24.00 and 15.18.15     •    Sam Kuch; 12.11.00 and 9.26.0016-18 Male     •    Hansel Anderson; 12.13.00 and 12.22.0016-18 Female     •     Chloe Kuch; 12.08.00 and11.41.10     •    Jade Bridger; 14.17.00 and 13.45.3019+ Women     •     Brittany Boyer; 10.07.00 and 10.16.0019+ Men     •     Eric Wahn; 8.17.50 and 8.30.50     •    Dude Woikin; 9.25.00 and 9.50.30     •    Simon Robin;  9.31.15 and 9.01.00     •    Phil Price; 11.16.30 and 10.43.00     •    Jan Korinek; 10.51.10 and10.13.50     •    Mike Anderson; 11.34.16 and 10.56.10     •    Dylan Anderson; 11.14.50 and 10.32.00     •    Travis Hauck; 11.55.50 and 10.39.00     •    Byron Bingeman; 7.58.30 and 9.27.00     •    Derek Chambers; 10.47.00 and 8.27.00     •    Aaron Reese; 11.42.28 and 19.16.0040+ Women     •     Sheila Street; 14.40.00 and 14.18.55     •    Marg Craig; 12.40.34 and 12.16.0040+ Men     •     Jim Jamieson; 15.27.19 and 15.03.00     •    Cam Kuch; 10.28.00 and 9.57.10     •    Adrian Barre; 11.50.08 and 11.17.10 Three days of biking, starting of course with a parade down Baker Street, riding through bush trails and thundering down a wild cross country run and over jumps is all competitors could handle at the 2012 Nelson Fat Tire Festival. Kids XC Event 2-3 yrs     •     Jack Gilbert     •    Ronan Outram     •    Hugo Muparutsa4-5 Boys     •     Rohan Lintz     •    Evan Ouchi     •    Elias Lussier4-5 Girls     •     Rowan Maley     •    Anouk Prudhomme     •    Ella Morris6-8 Boys     •     Noah Melanfant     •    Brodie Jensen     •    Mateo Kataolla6-8 Girls     •     Cayenne Caney     •    Imagen Maley     •    Macy Weston9-12 Boys     •     Yael Oosthuizen     •    Teigen Deleeuw     •    Moss Caney9-12 Girls     •     Oso Punchard     •    Angelica Ross     •    Lauren RobertsonDirt Jump Jam U6     •    Nicholas Bowen     •    Elliot Cretney     •    Hugo MuparutsaU10     •     Adam Kuch     •    Mateo Kataolla     •    (tie) Yael and Seth Oosthuizen10-12     •     Moss Craney     •    Jonathan Rollins     •    Benji Westergreen13-14     •     Harper Henderson     •    Jonas Caney     •    Caleb Jensen15-18     •     Alex Swan     •    Jesse Bishop19+     •     Alex Volokhov     •    Russ Fountain     •    Nick Cima     •    Quinn Hanley     •    Alan Sutherlandlast_img read more

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Leafs host Castlegar Tuesday in first of two-game home-and-home series

first_imgBeaver Valley held periods leads of 2-0 and 5-1.Leafs coach Dave McLellan said fans will see most of the team that will open the KIJHL regular season Friday at home against Kelowna Chiefs.Since starting the recruiting season in April, the Leafs have witnessed more than a 100 players from throughout North America come through the team doors in hopes of landing a spot on the Heritage City franchise.Game time is back to the regular 7 p.m. start time.The teams conclude the series Wednesday in Castlegar with puck drop set for 8 p.m.LEAFS BANTER: Season tickets are now on sale at Mallard’s Source for sports, the NDCC Arena and during Leafs home games. For more information contact . . . . Nelson opens the regular season Friday (September 11) against Kelowna Chiefs in the first of a two-game weekend home stand. Saturday (September 12) the Fernie Ghostriders are in town to meet the Leafs at the NDCC Arena. Both games have a 7 p.m. start time. The Nelson Leafs enter the home stretch of the Kootenay International Junior Hockey League exhibition season when the Green and White meet rival Castlegar Rebels in a home-and-home series beginning Tuesday at the NDCC Arena.Nelson takes a 1-1 preseason mark into the contest after dropping a 6-2 decision to Beaver Valley Nitehawks Saturday at the Hawks Nest.last_img read more

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Watch ‘mad man’ Aurier’s horror stamp on Bayern’s Alaba that somehow avoids red card

first_imgTOTTENHAM fell apart against Bayern Munich and it somehow could have been even worse – if Serge Aurier had been sent off for hacking David Alaba.The right-back, 26, went in with both feet off the ground having badly misjudged Alaba’s slide tackle clearance.So what’s the point of VAR when Aurier is doing tackles like this @baz1701_baz— RonDon (@Triggz187) October 1, 2019 3 Aurier escaped a booking for the lungeCredit: ReutersThe incident occurred only in the eighth minute of the match and, even with Aurier remaining on the pitch, Spurs went on to lose 7-2.There will no doubt be some fans arguing the scoreline would have been improved had the Ivorian been given his marching orders, such was his starring role in a number of Munich’s goals.But the moment also raises serious questions of VAR and how officials reviewing the incident decided not to advise a red card.Alaba only made it to half-time at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and was down for several moments following the lunge, providing ample time for a video replay.And referee Clement Turpin didn’t even book Aurier, seemingly accepting it had no malicious intent despite being very dangerous.VAR has been less inclined to upgrade dodgy challenges to dismissals since its introduction, although AC Milan defender Matteo Musacchio had his foul on a Fiorentina player upgraded from yellow to red on the weekend.🤦‍♂ It goes from bad to worse for Milan🔴 Musacchio goes in on Ribery with his studs up and after consulting with VAR, Piero Giacomelli upgrades his initial yellow card to a red!— Premier Sports 📺 (@PremierSportsTV) September 29, 2019 Latest Football NewsSILVA’S GOLDEN GIRLModel Ines Tomaz has been helping Bernardo Silva through quarantineGossipCROWD RETURNFA Cup final ‘may see 20,000 at Wembley in trial allowing some fans at games’CommentPHIL THOMASDiving and whining was never a good look and will seem worse after lockdownExclusive’I’M IN A BAD WAY’Ex-England star Kenny Sansom talks for first time since being attackedExclusiveBOURNE AGAINHowe says Cherries are stronger after lockdown with FIVE fit-again starsExclusiveSWAN THAT GOT AWAYSwansea wanted £3m Davies three years ago but couldn’t get work permitNEXT STEPJonny Hayes set to move to English Championship having been let go by CelticBAYERN 5 DUSSELDORF 0Lewa bags two as Bayern thump rivals to close on 8th straight titleNeedless to say, Spurs fans were furious with Aurier’s showing on Tuesday.One Twitter user wrote: “Aurier genuinely looked like he wanted to be off the pitch, stomping into Alaba’s chest.”Tom added: “Aurier played that 2nd half as if he’d actually been sent off for that Alaba challenge.”Marcus, meanwhile, attempted to explain the tackle: “Aurier hurdles a challenge and Alaba slides under where he’s gonna land so it’s just an accident.”But Gabriel tweeted: “Alaba went in sliding early and Aurier jumped early at the same time like players do when they want to jump OVER the person sliding. But it was so mistimed that he stamped on him with both legs. Easily a red.”ACCA WITH LADBROKES Pick up a whole load of acca features to help you land the big one3 Some believe the moment was an accidentCredit: Reuters3 The defender protested his innocence after the tackleCredit: PA:Press AssociationSerge Gnabry loses the match ball after team-mates trip him up and kick the ball into the Bayern fanslast_img read more

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Chelsea hero Fabregas trolls Spurs on ‘Battle of the Bridge’ anniversary

first_imgCESC FABREGAS has trolled Tottenham over the infamous “Battle Of The Bridge” that resulted in Leicester winning the Premier League title.Four years ago today Spurs travelled to Chelsea still in with a shot of pipping the Foxes to the crown.2 Cesc Fabregas played the full 90 minutes at Chelsea stopped Spurs in their tracksCredit: AFP or licensors2And moving into a 2-0 lead, the dream was on for Spurs thanks to goals from Harry Kane and Heung-min Son.But Gary Cahill gave Chelsea some hope of getting something from the game, and then Mauricio Pochettino and Co’s hopes were killed when Eden Hazard scored the equaliser at the death.And looking back to that infamous day, Fabregas has riled up a fair few Spurs fans.The Spaniard, now playing at Monaco, tweeted: “Today 4 years ago we won the Premier League.”He then cheekily added: “For Leicester City.”There was drama all over the pitch on that day in West London, with a total of THIRTEEN yellow cards, nine for Spurs.Moussa Dembele was retrospectively banned for six games for appearing to gouge Diego Costa, and Erik Lamela “accidentally” stamped on Fabregas’ head.Most Read In FootballTHROUGH ITRobbie Keane reveals Claudine’s father was ’50-50′ in coronavirus battleTOP SELLERGavin Whelan has gone from League of Ireland to David Beckham’s InstagramPicturedAN EYEFULMeet Playboy model and football agent Anamaria Prodan bidding to buy her own clubI SAW ROORodallega saw Rooney ‘drinking like madman’ & Gerrard ‘on bar dancing shirtless’ExclusiveRIYAD RAIDMan City’s Riyad Mahrez has three luxury watches stolen in £500,000 raidNEXT STEPJonny Hayes set to move to English Championship having been let go by CelticWhat resulted was Leicester and boss Claudio Ranieri winning the Premier League at odds of 5,000/1, with games still to go.Fabregas’ throwback tweet unsurprisingly went down well with Chelsea and Leicester fans, with some professing their love for the “legend”.Spurs fans were less happy, with one labelling the 32-year-old “a toddler” and telling him to “grow up”.It comes after Jamie Carragher hailed Leicester’s title winners as greater than Manchester United’s Treble side or Arsenal’s Invincibles.Leicester win Premier League as Spurs drawlast_img read more

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Aurier appears to break social distancing rules AGAIN as he shows off haircut

first_imgBut the latest Instagram post comes less than a month after he and Moussa Sissoko were forced to apologise… for breaking lockdown rules.The Ivorian full-back shared a video of himself wearing a mask while training with fellow Tottenham man Sissoko on social media before swiftly deleting it.In a joint statement, the pair said: “We wish to apologise for not setting the right example here.”We recognise that as professional footballers we have a responsibility to be role models, particularly during this uncertain period that everyone around the world is facing.””We must all respect the government advice to minimise the number of lives lost during this pandemic.Latest Tottenham newsHARRY ALL FOUR ITKane admits Spurs must win EIGHT games to rise into Champions League spotGossipALL GONE PETE TONGVertonghen wanted by host of Italian clubs as long Spurs spell nears endBELOW PARRSpurs suffer blow with Parrott to miss Prem restart after appendix operationPicturedSHIRT STORMNew Spurs 2020/21 home top leaked but angry fans slam silver design as ‘awful”STEP BY STEP’Jose fears for players’ welfare during restart as stars begin ‘pre-season’KAN’T HAVE THATVictor Osimhen keen on Spurs move but only if they sell Kane this summerYOU KAN DO ITKlinsmann quit Spurs to win trophies but says Kane’s better off stayingTURBULENT PAIRINGDrogba and Mido had mid-flight brawl after stewardess prank went wrong”We cannot thank NHS staff enough for their tireless work at this time and we shall both be making a financial donation to show our support for their efforts.”The incident with Sissoko was the second time Aurier had ignored safety measures as he filmed himself running with a friend two weeks earlier.On top of Aurier’s mindless antics, Spurs were also criticised after Jose Mourinho was pictured holding a training session in a park doing meanwhile Sanchez and Ryan Sessegnon went running together.5 The Spurs right-back tagged celebrity barber Justin Carr in the post on Tuesday eveningCredit: Instagram5 He was pictured appearing to wear the same Davinson Sanchez Colombia shirt on his way into training at Spurs earlier in the dayCredit: Reuters5José Mourinho slammed by Sadiq Khan for ‘endangering lives’ by taking Tottenham training session during coronavirus lockdownCORONAVIRUS CRISIS – STAY IN THE KNOWDon’t miss the latest news and figures – and essential advice for you and your family.To receive The Sun’s Coronavirus newsletter in your inbox every tea time, sign up here.To follow us on Facebook, simply ‘Like’ our Coronavirus page.Get Britain’s best-selling newspaper delivered to your smartphone or tablet each day – find out more. 5TOTTENHAM star Serge Aurier appeared to break social distancing rules AGAIN… this time getting a haircut.The right-back, 27, took to Instagram on Tuesday night to post a photo of his new lid – and fans were quick to question whether he had been ignoring government guidelines for a THIRD time.⚠️ Read our coronavirus in sport live blog for the latest news & updates5 Serge Aurier took to Instagram to show off his haircut – but may have broken social distancing rules againCredit: InstagramAurier, wearing his Spurs team-mate Davinson Sanchez’s Colombia shirt, posed on a seat with another man stood directly behind him.In the first photo, he has his hands together, then points to the camera and finally lowers his head to show off the very fresh fade and design in his hair.He captioned the post: “Yes Sir @justscuts #LeCoiffeurEstBon,” with the hashtag translating to “the hairdresser is good”.The tagged username is Justin Carr, a barber who has 31.4k Instagram followers and keeps plenty of top Premier League footballers’ lids in shape.Earlier on Tuesday, Aurier uploaded a video of him kicking a ball, seemingly at Spurs’ training ground – with the players returning for solo sessions for the first time.He wrote: “Resumption of work… it’s almost time.”last_img read more

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Pulu banned for two weeks

first_imgPhoto: HAGEN HOPKINS/GETTY IMAGES (Caption: Referee Glen Jackson marches Augustine Pulu off late in the match in Palmerston North) It means Pulu’s Mitre 10 Cup season is over, with Counties-Manukau out of premiership semifinal contention and just one regular season match remaining against Tasman on Saturday.Pulu was red carded for a dangerous tackle on Manawatu’s Jade Te Rure in the 75th minute of last week’s match in Palmerston North, which Counties-Manukau won 29-24.He faced a hearing before New Zealand Rugby judicial officer Nigel Hampton QC on Saturday.Hampton said the tackle initially made contact with Te Rure’s chest, then rose onto the neck, making it a low end offence with a starting sanction of a two-week suspension.Hampton found that Pulu had been suspended for a similar offence in 2016, which added one week to the entry level sanction.Pulu showed remorse for his action, immediately apologised to the opposing player Te Rure and Hampton noted it was the first red card he had received, which saw the suspension reduced to two weeks.Pulu’s suspension includes all rugby and means he will miss Counties-Manukau’s match against Tasman and any matches he is scheduled to play in up to and including October 21.last_img read more

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McMahon signs with Sunwolves, World Cup hopes fade

first_imgThe 24-year-old has not played for the Wallabies since their heavy loss at the hands of Scotland on last year’s Spring Tour, after which he joined Suntory in the Top League.With Japan hosting the 2019 Rugby World Cup, however, the surrounding Top League seasons were drastically shortened – leaving a window for Australian players to return home for a Super Rugby season and a potential World Cup tilt.The Reds, Rebels and even the Force approached McMahon but can reveal he turned his back on all offers to sign for the Sunwolves for the 2019 Super Rugby season.A Sunwolves official confirmed McMahon had signed a one-season contract.It’s understood the deal was done in July.The Sunwolves play in the Australian conference but they are still regarded as a foreign side and Aussie players at the club are therefore not eligible for the Wallabies.While the Sunwolves deal doesn’t entirely kill off the chances of McMahon playing at the World Cup – he could still sign for an Australian Super Rugby club in 2020-21 and therefore be eligible for selection – it is understood the flanker intends to stay in Japan and extend with Suntory.He is understood to be earning around $800,000 per year in the Top League, well over his earning capacity in Australia given the hefty salaries of fellow star flankers David Pocock and Michael Hooper.McMahon has been sorely missed by the Wallabies in a disappointing 2018 campaign, and will be a huge loss for the Wallabies’ World Cup campaign if he does not figure.McMahon’s destructive, tireless carries were a significant cog in the attacking machine which kept the Wallabies ticking in 2017 and they have lacked a line bending backrower since his departure.Asked earlier this month about bringing the star flanker home, Cheika said he’d been “very clear” in putting an offer on the table.”We’ve been really clear with Sean about what we’d like,” Cheika said.”The ball is in his court.”The Sunwolves announced their initial squad on Tuesday.Star Kiwi winger Rene Ranger headlined a list of new recruits, the signing of McMahon expected to be unveiled in the coming weeks.last_img read more

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