Recycling effort benefits students

Discarded batteries and ink cartridges are finding a new life as a way to raise funds.Brock Student Ambassadors (BSA) runs a very successful fundraising program through the Brock chapter of Think Recycle. The recycling program ensures that batteries and ink cartridges used on campus and surrounding areas are being disposed of properly.BSA is a student group directly affiliated with the Brock University Alumni Association and Brock Alumni Relations. The BSA engages with alumni, represents student leaders at alumni functions, and volunteers in various initiatives on campus.All funds from Think Recycle support students. The funds from batteries are put towards a scholarship for an environmental student. Ink cartridge recycling funds go to other grants and scholarships for Brock students.In January, the BSA received recognition and an opportunity to share its success story with Think Recycle. The BSA earned $1,186.25, one of top contributors in 2011-12, part of a national initiative.The success of Think Recycle is a result of the connections that the students of the BSA have made on campus. Grants and scholarships are a wonderful incentive for students to become involved with green initiatives like Think Recycle.


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