Bawah Reserveeco retreatIndonesia

first_imgBawah Reserveeco retreatIndonesia Bawah Reserve in Indonesia, a new eco resort, is now part of the portfolio represented by Gold Coast-based World Resorts of Distinction (WRD).Bawah is located 300 kilometres north-east of Singapore at the southern end of Indonesia’s Anambas Archipelago.The luxury sustainable retreat, accessible by the resort’s own seaplane, features 35 standalone suites and over- the-water bungalows.Bawah Reserve is the first island group in Indonesia to be powered by a renewable microgrid; no heavy machinery is allowed on the island, so every mechanical process – from recycling stones to breaking boulders for building material – has been done by hand. All water is sourced on the island and recycled as drinking water and the resort was hand-built from sustainable bamboo and other recycled material, such as driftwood and copper. Tess Willcox, executive Director of World Resorts of Distinction said the ecologically-sound resort in an untouched corner of Indonesia is the perfect addition to the company’s portfolio of like-minded resorts.“Our company is founded on the premise of making sustainable travel not only more ubiquitous and accessible but also more luxurious, and we are beyond thrilled to bring Bawah Reserve to the Australian and New Zealand markets. The property is one of the rare gems in the world and our team could not be more passionate about the product and its Bawah Anambas Foundation, which channels funds back into the local community and marine conservation site.”The resort can accommodate a maximum of 70 guests. Spa treatments are included in the price of the booking, an apparent first for an Asian resort.last_img


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