Leaders Without Vision – The Root Cause of the Liberian Crisis

first_imgPresident Joseph G. Herring, officers and Members of this distinguished organization, President Emmanuel Smith and members of the national board, distinguished guests present, fellow Liberians, ladies and gentlemen- friends:It is both an honor to join you today on this historic occasion marking the inauguration of a new leadership, poised to steer the ship of destiny of UNIBOA – AH MUN BEDO in Maryland. It is also a pleasure to stand in solidarity with this great organization which represents an historic culture that transcends many county lines, forming a belt that surround  four counties – Grand Bassa, Rivercess, Margibi, and Montserrado – in a regional union of ethnic kinship which can otherwise be referred to as the THE BASSA NATION.The Liberian nation is defined by many ethnic groups but I can say tonight with facts and conviction that the Bassa nation stands tall among the ethnic groups of Liberia when it comes to her contribution to the history, culture, and political landscape of Liberia.  Indeed, Bassa has produced many great Liberians – from politicians, to cultural artists, diplomats, doctors, engineers, educators, and of course – the long list of eminent lawyers.I must commend you for the wise selection of the theme “Working together to win it together” The fact that we are gathered here together- the fact that many have subscribed in membership to this great organization- the fact that we share a common patrimony,  signifies at least the desire to work together. But how do we win it together? To win it, my friends, it takes a leader with a vision – a transformational leader who is endowed with the passion to initiate meaningful action to achieve advancement for his or her people.  This leads me to the topic of my message to you today: Leaders Without Vision – The Root Cause of the Liberian Crisis.Most reference books would define a leader as a guide – an individual selected and trusted to steer a group to achieve their desired ends – one responsible for the survival and safety of a group – Like a parent to family. The Bible often likens a leader to a shepherd who guides his sheep to feed in green pastures, quenching their thirst by the rivers and streams.  Allow me in a few minutes to illustrate the virtues of a good leader in the sense of a designated driver, selected and trusted by his peers to lead them with a sober mind to their desired destination – having responsibility to a large extent for their safety. A good designated driver, who takes his role of leadership seriously, would get the group together and remind them of goals while selecting the most competent amongst them to assist him in the front seat. He would first secure a roadmap by means of an ordinary map, GPS, map-quest or even a scribbled outline. As a good leader he would then ensure that the vehicle is basically equipped, having sufficient gasoline, spare tires and jack. He would even go further to check out the traffic, weather reports, and possible alternate routes. With this kind of leadership, the group is bound to find itself smoothly on a superhighway, riding on cruise control to the land of their destiny. In other words, a leader who is conscientious and committed to succeed comes prepared with a plan – never neglecting the basic needs and aspirations of his people.But on the other hand, there exist a different breed of leaders. Those who are the ones whose interests are not focused upon “working together to win it together.” Their self-conceited modus operandi is rather focused upon working to win it for themselves. Those are the shepherds who instead of leading their sheep to green pastures and flowing streams, would recklessly take them to the wilderness to die of hunger and thirst, simply because of their own quest for fortune and fame. Those are the leaders who would dare to take the drivers’ seat unprepared, and without a roadmap or plan.  In the last 34 years, the progress of our nation Liberia has suffered tremendous stagnation characterized by a series of devastating experiences because of leaders without a plan. Yes, indeed, we have had our share of bad drivers without a roadmap. It started with the one who seized the wheel even though he did not know how to drive. Predictably, he ran us off the road after 10 years of adventure, causing panic and confusion. We then took our chances from one miscellaneous driver to another for seven years – taking us from one dead end to the other. We though we solved the problem when we gave the wheel to the chief agitator, who took the wheel and ran us over the cliff – taking the lives of so many of our love ones.  And finally, after finding our way out of that wreckage, another driver, who professed to have so many credentials, has led us into a valley of the shadow of death, facing a hopeless situation of disease and distress simply because of the lack of a plan or appreciation for preparedness. Yes, that is the story of our nation. What we need to forge ahead as a nation, and finally achieve our destiny as people, is a committed leader, imbued with a vision of progress, and a mission for transformation. What we need is a leader with the ability to inspire his or her people to rise up on their feet from a hopeless state of complacency to achieve their God-given potential.With a plan for progress sanctioned by the will of the people we can transform that vision into a mission, and then we can declare with true conviction, that we are ready and willing to WORK TOGETHER TO WIN IT TOGETHER. Let me admonish you, my fellow Bassolians, that in this struggle “to win it together”, we cannot gave up on our nation. Let us keep Liberia close to our hearts. It is true that the unfolding events of recent decades have been challenging to our sense of endurance.Decade after decade, we have found ourselves dressed up in the morning in cloaks of hope, only to go to bed in shredded garments of distress and frustration. If I was asked to write the story about my experience as a child, and millions of others like me, who grew up in Liberia during this turbulent era, the title will certainly not be “THIS CHILD WOULD BE GREAT – It will be properly labeled “shattered dreams, wounded hearts  and broken souls.”  Sad but true – That is the legacy that those before us has left for us to grapple with. But something deep within me tell me those shatter dreams can be transformed into bright hope for tomorrow if we come together and believe that we are in this together. The famous poet,  John Dunn put it right when he said:No man is an island,Entire of itself,Every man is a piece of the continent,A part of the main.Any man’s death diminishes me,Because I am involved in mankind,And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls;It tolls for thee.The turbulent storm of destruction has had its way with us. The rude awakening of this disastrous epidemic has brought us to our knees, but no, we cannot give up. From one era of distress to another, our nation has endured.  Yes, we were shaken by the forces of instability at the hands of one tyrant to the other. The relics of infrastructural destruction, coupled with devastating socio-economic woes are scars that we will bear for years. And yet, we have still endured.  Even in this moment of untold human suffering brought by a deadly epidemic, I can say with faith, that with God above, we will still endure.  We will endure because sooner or later, the scars will heal, the broken walls will be mended together again, and the wounded hearts torn apart by tragedy and pain will be healed again. It may seem long, but when the night of healing is complete, we will see the dawn of prosperity. Our star will shine bright in the horizon – AND Liberia shall rise again.With the winds of adversity behind us, besides us, and stirring ahead of us, we must build courage to forge ahead. With this kind of resolve, I’m certain that we can enter into a new era of progress. So, out of adversity, let us reap advancement, out of frustration, let us muster the will of determination, out of this moment of pain, together, we can make gains. Together, only together, we can turn this dark night of tragedy into a bright morning of triumph.Yes, Ah Mun Bedo, Liberia shall rise again because we can work together to win it together.I THANK YOU Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

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Liberian Literacy Redefined

first_imgThere are few things that bother me more than when people try to confuse knowing to read and write as being literate and not knowing how as illiterate. This uninformed assumption could not be furthest from the true meaning of the word. In this piece, I will give you a clear distinction between the two, and how it should be defined in Liberia rather than going along with the present distorted definition that is causing our beloved country so much confusion.But first, I will define literacy as understood by civilized and educated societies; this will be followed by how we Liberians should define the word we perceive as negative – illiterate, and positive form, literate.The word in its most simplistic form is defined as being able to read and write or showing knowledge about a particular subject. Notice the second portion of this simple definition is beginning to reveal the true meaning of the word and removes itself from that narrow definition that the typical Liberian understands. In its broader meaning, literacy is a process that enlightens and changes one’s thoughts and attitudes; is knowledgeable and constant, well-read, scholarly and educated; in essence, it is transformative in its application. It doesn’t look at the world through selfish lenses, but rather employs its scholarly lessons to elevate the communities in which it resides. To put it even simpler: It is the light!! As the good book would say, “By their fruits, we should know them”. Such is literacy. If you’re not bearing the fruits that a literate society bears, simply put, you’re not literate.  Now let’s come to Liberia and discuss how we see literacy and how we shouldn’t see it. Now that we know what literacy is, I will focus on what literacy is not.For example, the reliance on foreigners to initiate, engineer, and lead everything that strengthens economic growth in a given location and naively expecting them to put Liberian interests first, the acceptance and indifferent attitude of our overpaid officials towards the long-suffering of the overwhelming majority of the population, the total disregard of the rule of law by the very people charged with upholding it, is the birth of Liberian illiteracy.When you have foreigners come into our country and rape our young women and pillage all we have, walk around boastfully claiming that government officials are “in their pockets” without consequence; commit murders at will, and in many cases walk free. In the few cases where they are tried and convicted, those verdicts are eventually overturn because some corrupt official has been paid off to circumvent statutory laws not realizing his actions devalues the lives of every single Liberian including his own, is nothing but self-hate illiteracy.For those of you who went to America under the age of 40, allowing con artist pastors to chop all you have in your quest to get a visa, fill three acre swamps in Duala so prayer mothers can pray for you, and by some luck you win DV, arrive in America with all the opportunities on God’s green earth presented to you on a silver platter, and you settle for doing “double” in some smelly nursing home, that, my friends, is “your suffering just started” illiteracy. Working three shifts in some group home in America simply to buy an inflated plane ticket to go to Liberia’s 105 degree heat in an Alaskan fur coat to bluff and possibly die from dehydration, is “Jonny just come” illiteracy.Catering to foreigners, especially white ones and refusing to extend that same courtesy to your fellow Liberians because you believe doing so will lower your social economic status, is just plain “inferiority complex” illiteracy. Preaching against nepotism, and when you’re given a double chance to do away with such practice refuse and employs it to the highest degree and claim that since your son’s are qualified (whatever that means) it is not nepotism but a leadership sanctioned by Western Countries,  this is treasonable illiteracy.  Knowingly appointing incompetents and thieves to very crucial roles in the government to the detriment of the suffering masses is unforgiveable illiteracy. Purchasing $60k luxury vehicles every year (not 10K off road pickups) for officials whose last vehicle rides were in the back of a dump truck in a country with poor roads, poor schools and hospitals, half the population malnourished, infant mortality amongst the highest in the world, unemployment at 80%, corruption, cronyism is rampant, the courts and legislature hold no one to account, this, my friends is time for “drastic action” illiteracy.Electing idiots and thieves who have accomplished nothing in their lives but sat in a cushioned position given them by wicked leaders is “you sentenced yourselves to long-suffering” illiteracy. Buying grades from University of Liberia and claiming you’re education is “just laughable” illiteracy. Stopping a government-issued vehicle in the middle of busy traffic (while everybody else is waiting on you) to make sure everybody sees you in your cheap Chinese suit while talking to a teenage girl you’ve already impregnated, “is 25 to life” illiteracy.Hiring a news anchor who can barely read on a 7th grade level and claiming s/he will learn on the job is simply stupid illiteracy. Studying the dictionary and memorizing fancy vocabularies you can’t properly pronounce is just village illiteracy.Building a million dollars mansion overnight in the midst of the very people you help impoverished, and when they jump over your poorly built fence to reclaim what you have stolen from them, then you turnaround and call them armed robbers, is “ God bless you” illiteracy. Raping our teenage girls and forcing homosexuality on our boys and claiming they wore provocative clothing in a 105 degree heat is “mob justice justified” illiteracy.Starting LU night school after you get elected (stopped in the 7th grade before the war) and all of a of sudden you’re the new dux and Suma Cum Laude extraordinaire even though you still can’t read, that’s just “wonders never end” illiteracy. Wearing a three piece suit so people can call you kwi (civilized) as described by the brilliant Liberian Poet Kona Khasu in his poem “Our Man on Broad Street”, is just “mind-boggling” illiteracy.Having a public official fail miserably at his task, millions entrusted to him disappeared, same road paved 3x in one year because the public works minister is a thieving idiot, and a so-called Harvard educated economist (she actually studied something else but goes along with the economist label), reshuffles him as the “special economic advisor to the president” is “third world” illiteracy.Claiming to be educated with a master’s and boasting about your academic prowess, yet your girlfriends live better than your wife and kids; your wife is a stranger who doesn’t even know your salary or any details that could protect the family, whenever you get paid you disappear from your family for days “chartering” drinking spots while your wife and kids beg neighbors for food. Your idea of spending time with your family is coming home drunk at 3 am, vomiting all over the house and telling your 5 year old daughter to keep quiet because she’s crying too much from hunger pains. My people, this is the mother of all illiteracy.Calling poor people in an over populated shanty town “country” for throwing dirt in the streets when the government has not provided any sanitary means of disposing wastes, is just plain “I am holier than thou” illiteracy.Believing that because your embezzlement-funded house, car and office are cleaned, all your friends and closed confidants eat in the best places in town and the next possible Ebola outbreak will skip you because you hang out with government thieves, not realizing these “best places” buy their restaurant food from some of the nastiest, most unsanitary places is just illiteracy “pass max”.I could go on for days, but time and space won’t permit me. Now let’s turn to what civilized people consider literacy and why we can’t straightly limit literacy to reading and writing.When Tamba builds his toilet downhill and his well at the top of the hill taking gravity into consideration and ensuring he does not contaminate his drinking water, that’s health literacy. When Ma Fatta sweeps the sidewalk in her community to keep a clean and safe environment for the kids to play, who can argue that this is not literacy? When brother Trokon’s trap catches a deer and he shares a pound of meat with each member of the village as mandated by tradition, that’s “One for all and all for one” literacy. When a farming village in the hills of Bomi can adequately calculate the seasons and continuously ensures a bountiful harvest, that’s “astronomical literacy”.The point I am trying to make is literacy is not limited to having three pens in one’s breast pocket and claiming to know book. The true meaning of knowing book is when that acquired knowledge transforms your people. If your literacy only transforms you, you’re still illiterate. Literacy cannot preach one thing, and when given a chance and the tools to right those very ills it preached against, turns around and practices them at levels never before seen. Literacy must be constant, transferable, admirable, honorable (not as we know it in Liberia) considerate, selfless and imaginative.  It must be free of quid pro quo. In truth, it must light up those in its presence!!I will leave you with a quote of one of the most literate men I know – my grandfather. He lived all of his 92 years in our village, but could accurately predict the weather, build bridges, read and understand the thoughts of the forest, interpret dreams; an expert marksman and master builder, the financier of the first grade school built in our village, lone voice against some practices of the “Grebo Bush” and a chief, who was loved by his people. He was illiterate by Liberian standards but a problem solver and a scholar by developed societies’ standards. “Son” he begins, “you can have ideas greater than our ancestors, but if they are not coupled with action, they can never become bigger than the brain cells they occupied”!   Dedicated to my grandfather, old man Momoh, who bought me my first book and taught me how to lay my first possum trap. Miss you and RIP, Grandpa.About the Author: Mr. Zuo is the author of several articles including the “Liberian Psyche”. He’s a proud graduate of Buutuo Cultural University, specializing in Changing Liberians Minds and Attitudes. He presently lives in Buutuo, Nimba County with his two hunting dogs, Government Official and Chief Embezzler. He loves to drink palm wine with roasted cassava dipped in fresh palm oil. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

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Huskies falter in third period, lose game three 6-3

first_imgGrande Prairie took the lead on their first shot of the game as Daniel Bishop went around Daylen Pearson on a one on one rush and beat Travis McLean. The Huskies were undeterred by the tough start as they tied the game midway through the first, and got the go ahead goal a few minutes after.The second period was evenly contest, but Fort St. John managed to extend their lead to 3-1 eight minutes into the frame.The Huskies started the third shorthanded and that was the start of their downfall in the frame. A powerplay goal was followed by four more goals as Grande Prairie took the 6-3 win.- Advertisement -Assistant coach Todd Alexander says the outcome is a part of hockey some nights, and the Huskies will be prepared to go Tuesday night for game four.“There was about six minutes there where we let off the pedal a bit. That’s hockey some nights,” he says. “It’s not for a lack of effort or anything, it just is what it is. It’s a touch pill to swallow. We’re going to go home and regroup and pick ourselves up off the mat. It takes four wins to win a series. They have two, we have one. We’ll be ready to go for Tuesday.”Despite the third, Alexander was encouraged by how the team played in the five periods prior.Advertisement “We know what our A game is, we know what we bring. We’re going to come out, we’re going to work, and we’re not going to worry about anything else. Until they tell us we don’t have anymore games to play we’re going to keep going forward.”Scoring in order for the Huskies were Jordan Gies, Blair Karasiuk, and Brighton Campbell.Game four goes Tuesday night from the North Peace Arena at 8 p.m. with Grande Prairie leading the best of seven series 2-1.last_img read more

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Fishing weekend at Charlie Lake a Father’s Day splash

first_imgBelow are the top finishers from the children and adult categories:Children1. Justice Pallister – two pounds, 19.5 inches2. Austin Barber – two pounds, 17.5 inchesAdvertisement Drapeau says the children talking about the fun they had at the event are one of the reasons the event was significantly bigger this year. “It keeps getting bigger and bigger every year. It seems word of mouth and the media here jumped things a few levels. More people hear about it from the kids and how much fun the kids are having and all the goodies they get. More stuff just keeps rolling into me. A lot of the stuff even hit me today. Donations make it bigger and bigger.”She adds she started teaching on a smaller scale when her daughter said she was bored during a trip. Drapeau ended up teaching her daughter and friends how to fish and it grew when companies approached her about teaching on a larger scale.- Advertisement -“My daughter, my husband, and I we go camping. My daughter was sitting there a few years ago and she says ‘I’m bored. All my friends are in RV’s watching TV and movies and playing games,’ she explains. “I asked how many fishing rods do I have and we took the fishing rods and took our friends down and I taught all these kids how to fish and they were hooked instantly. It grew from there. We were talking about how fun it was and had companies come along and ask if I wanted to do it.”Drapeau says it feels great when she sees those taking part having a great time and knows it’s really easy for them to go fishing again in the future.“It’s the best. The absolute best. I think that with how excited I get over it would beat any little kid at Christmas with their favourite Christmas present. They catch on so quick and they go home with all the gear. They have everything they need to go out again, mom and dad just have to put a little bit of gas in the tank and go out with some snacks and sit there. Those kids are so, so happy. They’re grinning away and having a blast. Advertisement 3. Jackson Hempler – one pound 15 ounces, 17.75 inches4. Eric Louie – one pound 15 ounces, 17.5 inchesAdults1. Mike DeVries – three pounds two ounces2. Shane Pallister – three poundsAdvertisementcenter_img 3. Travis Salmond – two pounds 14 ounceslast_img read more

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GRFU commences 2018 15s Season…

first_imgDespite the muddy condition of the National Park’s rugby field, the Guyana Rugby Football Union’s (GRFU’s) 2018 season was off to a perfect start.Pepsi Hornets team held off a strong challenge from the Panthers to win 12 -10 in the season opener of the Bounty Farm 15s tournament on Sunday.Hornets’ tries came from National player Leon Greaves, along with a conversion from captain Ryan Gonsalves; while Panthers’ Godfrey Broomes scored both tries for his team.The GRFU also presented the Panthers Club with its second division trophy for winning the GRFU Tens tournament.Additionally, Guyana Defence Force (GDF) were presented with a trophy for winning the GRFU Bounty Farm 15s 2017 tournament, which ended on Saturday.The final points standing read: GDF – 36 points, Panthers – 31, Police Falcons – 14, Pepsi Hornets – 11 and Yamaha Caribs – 6.During the next two months, the GRFU will be engaged in three international tournaments for 2018: the CACSO Games Rugby Sevens, Americas Rugby Challenge Championships Fifteens, and RAN Sevens Championships, which will also serve as qualifiers for the 2019 Pan American Games in Peru.last_img read more

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Study paints a bleak arts education picture

first_img$500 million in one-time funds to be shared with physical education programs. That’s substantial money, said Ayanna Hudson-Higgins, director of arts education at the Los Angeles County Arts Commission. “That is a huge step in the right direction,” she said. Many districts in Los Angeles County, including the Pasadena Unified School District, are way ahead of the game, she added. PUSD was one of the first districts to sign on to the county “Arts for All” program in 2002, which calls for developing a detailed plan to integrate the arts into all students’ lives and hiring an arts director to oversee the process. The district has finished its plan and is now reviewing the curriculum. Teachers and administrators are working on first bringing music and visual arts to all kindergarten through sixth grade students. “Yes we need more money, but I can tell you that based on our own local work that these school districts are so committed to providing arts education,” Hudson-Higgins said about PUSD and 19 other county school districts that have already come on board. “I see it time and time again. It’s really about the commitment.” cortney.fielding@sgvn.com (626) 578-6300 Ext. 4494160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! PASADENA – For decades, gloomy pictures have been painted of arts education in California’s public schools. The decline of music, theater and visual arts classes – and the rise of standardized testing that leaves little time for enrichment instruction – is often mentioned. A statewide study commissioned by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation suggests that the arts education landscape is actually bleaker than even the media have portrayed it. SRI International’s “An Unfinished Canvas, Arts Education in California: Taking Stock of Policies and Practices,” found that 89 percent of California public schools are failing to provide standards-based courses in four main areas of the arts: music, visual arts, theater and dance. Just under 30 percent of schools were found to not offer the required instruction in any of the disciplines. Researchers described the numbers as startling. “The results of this study provide a needed wake-up call to lawmakers, educators, parents and the public,” said Marshall Smith, director of the education program at the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. “We know that arts instruction can benefit many aspects of a student’s life, including academic performance. It’s time we take real steps to ensure that all of California’s children receive a quality arts education.” The deficit is reportedly highest at the elementary-school level, where the state is said to lag behind the national average in hours of arts instruction – up to 50 percent in music and visual arts instruction. Researchers cited the fact that most art instruction is now taught by general classroom teachers, with the majority of schools no longer retaining specially trained teachers for music and art. However, the news might not all be grim. This year, California allocated $105 million for arts education, as well as last_img read more

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New Charlton boss Luzon unsure about the Addicks’ transfer fund

first_img New Charlton boss Guy Luzon New Charlton boss Guy Luzon says he will find out after this weekend’s match against Watford whether he will have money to spend in the January transfer window.Luzon became Charlton’s second head coach of the year when he was unveiled on Wednesday, replacing Bob Peeters who was dismissed last week.The Addicks are currently sitting 14th in the Championship, 10 points off the play-off places and fans have urged the club to spend this month.But new boss Luzon has revealed no decisions will be made on signings until after this weekend’s trip to Vicarage Road.“I am only 12 or 20 hours in and I am focused only on the next game against Watford,” said Luzon.“After the game against Watford we will see what we are going to do.” 1last_img

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KN Circet to continue as Finn Harps sponsors for 2020 season

first_imgFINN Harps have been handed a timely boost with confirmation that KN Circet will remain as the club’s main sponsors for 2020.KN took over as Harps’ main sponsor two years ago, signing a two-year agreement with the Ballybofey club.KN Circet recently announced that it is creating 600 new jobs in Ireland, following the company’s launch of its half a million euro training academy in Rathcoole. “We are very pleased to continue our relationship with Finn Harps into 2020,” KN Circet deputy CEO Donagh Kelly said. “We have been inspired by the club battling to Premier Division safety, the passion of Harps fans and the hard work of the club’s many volunteers”KN Circet are leading providers to the telecommunications, transport infrastructure and power sectors in Ireland, UK and internationally. KN Circet is the result of a 2018 merger between the KN Group, founded by Frosses native Kelly. Circet, a French company, bough KN for €150m in 2018. “Everyone at Finn Park will be working hard to vindicate their support once again in 2020,” Finn Harps Commercial Officer Aidan Campbell said.“We are very grateful to Donagh and all the staff at KN for their continued support for senior football in Donegal. “Since KN came on board two years ago we have enjoyed a promotion season followed by this year’s great battle to retain Premier Division status.” KN Circet to continue as Finn Harps sponsors for 2020 season was last modified: November 15th, 2019 by Chris McNultyShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:2019 League of Ireland Premier DivisionAidan CampbellBallybofeyDonagh Kellyfinn harpsFROSSESKN CircetKN Grouplast_img read more

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first_imgDONEGAL JUNIOR LEAGUE RESULTSOld Orchard Inn Saturday Division OneFintown Harps AFC 2 v 1 Mulroy Celtic Gweedore Celtic Reserves 2 v 3 Erne WanderersRamelton Mariners 4 v 1 Glenea United ReservesGlencar Inn Saturday Division TwoDeele Harps 4 v 0 Milford United Reserves Donegal Town Reserves 5 v 0 Downtown UnitedGweedore United Reserves 2 v 3 Cranford United ReservesBrian Mc Cormick Sports Premier DivisionGweedore Celtic 0 v 0 Castlefin CelticLagan Harps A v A Rathmullan Celtic Watson Hire Division OneBallybofey United P v P Arranmore United K.O. 1p.m.Curragh Athletic 10 v 2 Raphoe TownCT Ball Division Two Drumbar United 2 v 0 Letterbarrow CelticDunlewy Celtic 3 v 2 Kerrykeel ’71 F.C.Whitestrand United 2 v 1 Convoy ArsenalUlster Junior CupBonagee United 1 v 3 Drumkill RoversMilford United 3 v 0 Drumoghill F.C.FAI Junior CupAileach F.C. 1 v 2 Cappry RoversKillylough F.C. 2 v 3 Glenea UnitedKilmacrennan Celtic 2 v 5 Keadue RoversDONEGAL JUNIOR LEAGUE FIXTURESSATURDAY 1-12-2012 K.O. 2 p.m.Old Orchard Inn Saturday Division OneErne Wanderers v Fintown Harps AFCGlencar Celtic v Castlefin Celtic ReservesGlenea United Reserves v Gweedore Celtic ReservesMulroy Celtic v Ramelton MarinersGlencar Inn Saturday Division TwoCranford United Reserves v Keadue Rovers ReservesDowntown United v Tullyvinney RoversSUNDAY 2-12-2012 K.O. 2 p.m. (Unless Stated)Brian Mc Cormick Sports Premier DivisionCastlefin Celtic v Lagan HarpsSt. Catherines v Glenea UnitedWatson Hire Division OneBallybofey United v Keadue RoversCappry Rovers v Eany CelticRaphoe Town v Cranford UnitedCT Ball Division TwoBonagee United v Kerrykeel ’71 FCGlenree United v Gweedore UnitedLetterbarrow Celtic v Convoy ArsenalWhitestrand United v Drumbar UnitedUlster Junior Cup K.O. 1.30 p.m. (Unless Stated)Ballyhaise Celtic v Bonagee UnitedDunree United v Curragh AthleticGlaslough Villa v Kilmacrennan CelticGreencastle FC v Gweedore CelticKillylough FC v Rathmullan CelticLeague table for Brian McCormick Sports Premier LeagueTeamPlayedWonLostDrawnGoals ForGoals AgainstGoal DiffPointsDunkineely Celtic FC74212315813Glenea United5401103713Lifford Celtic FC532010469Kilmacrennan Celtic FC43108629Lagan Harps FC62229908Milford United FC522111747Gweedore Celtic6231511-67St Catherines FC7241916-77Rathmullan Celtic42206426Castlefin Celtic7061622-161League table for Watson Hire Division OneTeamPlayedWonLostDrawnGoals ForGoals AgainstGoal DiffPointsEany Celtic FC7610147718Donegal Town FC8521158716Curragh Athletic FC74032852315Cranford FC74211812613Cappry Rovers6312147711Keadue Rovers FC6222161068Ballybofey United FC6132712-55Drumoghill FC7142617-115Raphoe Town8161837-294Arranmore United8170819-113League table for CT Ball Division TwoTeamPlayedWonLostDrawnGoals ForGoals AgainstGoal DiffPointsDunlewey Celtic75111811716Whitestrand United FC7520179815Bonagee United FC75201714315Glenree United FC74122012814Gweedore United FC64202171412Kerrykeel 71 FC532012669Letterbarrow Celtic FC7250619-136Convoy Arsenal FC71511120-94Drumbar FC71511019-94Copany Rovers FC80531227-153League table for Old Orchard Inn Division OneTeamPlayedWonLostDrawnGoals ForGoals AgainstGoal DiffPointsErne Wanderers FC65012071316Fintown Harps AFC75202011915Ramelton Mariners FC7412179814Mulroy Celtic632198110Glenea United7232810-28Glencar Celtic72321118-78Kilmacrennan Celtic FC7124812-47Castlefin Celtic71511116-54Gweedore Celtic6051518-131League table for Glencar Inn Division TwoTeamPlayedWonLostDrawnGoals ForGoals AgainstGoal DiffPointsDeele Harps FC88003262624Donegal Town FC Reserves852125141116Glenree United FC74211411313Keadue Rovers FC73311813510Milford United FC8341927-1810Downtown United FC62221011-18Gweedore United FC82601220-86Cranford FC Reserves7142816-85Tullyvinney Rovers7160919-103TOTAL SOCCER: DONEGAL JUNIOR LEAGUE RESULTS, FIXTURES AND TABLES was last modified: November 25th, 2012 by BrendaShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:FIXTURES AND TABLESTOTAL SOCCER: DONEGAL JUNIOR LEAGUE RESULTSlast_img read more



first_imgA scene from the flooded hospital last summer donegaldaily.comA FORMER Mayor has called for a full public inquiry into the ‘crisis’ at Letterkenny General Hospital.Independent Cllr Frank McBrearty Jnr has asked Health Minister James Reilly to examine “all issues’ at the hospital which was overwhelmed with patients this week.The daughter of a cancer patient spoke out after she had to wait 14 hours on a trolley; whilst the wife of another patient spoke of her experience of being something like a horror movie. All those PRAISED staff for putting up with the conditions, battling on against all the odds.In this article for Donegal Daily today Cllr McBrearty said everyone supports the staff at the hospital.But he says it would be wrong not to challenge the cutbacks and investigate the flood at the hospital and what has happened since.Here’s his article: By Cllr Frank McBreartyI would first like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and sincere thanks to all the staff and volunteers who have helped save LGH from the brink of sinking into the abyss.I have been silent on this crisis to date, but I’ve been watching what has unfolded with interest until now. I feel it is my duty to ensure that as a member of the HSE Western Forum and as a public representative that the tax payer has value for money and that there is accountability for the disaster that has happened to Letterkenny General Hospital. I am amazed to hear some of the waffle coming from our national politicians and a small number of local politicians on the disaster and crisis that has hit our county.The contributions made by some politicians have not fooled the public, nor have they solved any of the problems with the hospital services which have been severely damaged by this disaster. Shortly after the crisis began Solicitor Seamus Gunn of McCloughan, Gunn & Co. Solicitors gave his opinion on Highland Radio as to what should happen.His opinion was that the Government should establish a Public Inquiry. When a full independent judicial public inquiry is established the people of Donegal need to demand a proper set of terms of reference that will leave no stone unturned. This will ensure that people will be held to account, and more importantly it will teach us the lessons which will stop this type of disaster ever happening again. Many unanswered questions need to be addressed, and one of the questions being asked is this: Was the procurement and tendering guidelines, which are set in legislation, adhered to ensure that the hospital adheres to HIQUA standards? It is my opinion that where millions of taxpayer’s money is being spent it is imperative that accountability and safeguards are in place to ensure that correct procurement procedures are followed.We must not forget the trojan work done before this disaster by community groups who fought and insisted for many years that LGH would prevail and deliver services that other parts of the country had for many years previously.Many questions are being asked, but sadly they are not being answered.A that needs to be asked and answered is WHY did this happen and who is ultimately responsible? We have a building right across the road known as the old St Conal’s Hospital and I am asking would the millions presently being spent on private rental facilities not have been much better spent on upgrading this old fantastic building which would be a major asset to the county into the future and after services have been transferred back to the general hospital in two years’ time?I believe in the region of over 40 million euro will be needed to bring the hospital back to the standards we had prior to this disaster. Accountability is the word that comes to mind.We hear all the time political waffle about accountability and value for money, but what we don’t see or hear is progress and lessons being learned.I’m calling on all the unions and the people of the County to organise a protest Rally in Letterkenny in order to highlight the crisis that our hospital faces into the future. We must ensure that the level of services which were there before this disaster are maintained and that those services are improved on each year into the future.Finally, and once again, I want to commend all the staff at LGH for their dedication, hard work and commitment to the hospital in very difficult circumstances during this continued crisis. They are an example and credit to the people of this county. We must protect our hospital, the sick, the elderly and the most vulnerable in our society. We must protect the medical staff who work there and given them the resources – and yes – the extra nurses and doctors which are needed.If we don’t stand up for our hospital, no-one else will,Signed Cllr Frank McBrearty JnrFORMER MAYOR: ‘WE NEED FULL PUBLIC INQUIRY INTO LETTERKENNY HOSPITAL CRISIS’ was last modified: January 18th, 2014 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:Cllr Frank McBreartycrisisdonegalLetterkenny General HospitalMayorlast_img read more


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