Court to hear application to extend Ontario Progressive Conservative leadership race

first_imgTORONTO – A Toronto lawyer representing a disenfranchised member of Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives says he’s taken legal action in an effort to extend the party’s leadership race by a week.Jeffrey Radnoff said the Superior Court of Justice was scheduled to hear his application for an injunction on Friday morning, just hours before voting in the contentious race was scheduled to end.The party ruled against prolonging the race late Wednesday, saying that would contravene its constitution, and instead decided to push back the registration deadline to Thursday night and let members vote until noon Friday.But Radnoff said in an email late Thursday that his client, listed on the notice of application as Christopher Arsenault, had not received a personal identification number allowing him to vote.“Clearly, a significant number of members of the party, including the applicant, have been deprived of their right to vote as guaranteed in the party’s constitution,” Radnoff wrote in an email.The chair of the leadership organizing committee, Hartley Lefton, wrote in an email Thursday that the party’s election is in accordance with the PC constitution. He noted that the voting period had already been extended once, and the verification period had its deadline pushed back three times.“It is unfortunate to learn that certain individuals may be considering this step, after we have worked so closely with leadership campaigns and with party members from across the province on a leadership election process passed by the PC party executive in accordance with the constitution,” Lefton wrote.News of the court action came hours after one of the candidates vying for the top spot alleged that party “elites” were handpicking those who would be able to cast a ballot in the leadership election.Former Toronto city councillor Doug Ford said key documents required to participate were sent by email to specific members while ignoring others — including his own mother — awaiting the same information.Ford and the other candidates — former Progressive Conservative legislator Christine Elliott, Toronto lawyer and businesswoman Caroline Mulroney and parental rights activist Tanya Granic Allen — have all raised the alarm in recent days over the voting process.Ford, Mulroney and Granic Allen have all pushed for the party to extend the leadership race by a week in order to ensure all members can participate.“The political elites, they distribute PIN numbers to a special group — and I don’t know who picks this group — and then Mr. and Mrs. Smith … they don’t get to vote,” Ford told The Canadian Press.“Something is wrong. I’ll let you come to your own conclusion,” he said. “This is not a transparent election.”Party executives did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Ford’s allegations Thursday, but have previously said they were aware of concerns over delays in getting members the documents they need to vote.Ford said he believes the legitimacy of the race has been compromised, but he was noncommittal when asked if he would dispute the results.Mulroney said she believes the election will produce a fair result, but she vowed to look into the PIN distribution issues if she wins. Granic Allen said she would continue to call for the voting deadline to be postponed.The rules of the leadership race include provisions for filing complaints and appealing decisions, but those wishing to contest the results could also turn to the courts.“You would have to show that it affected the vote enough to have changed the result,” said Duff Conacher, co-founder of Democracy Watch.It’s incredibly rare for the courts to overturn the results of an election, however, and it would be more effective to seek an injunction before the votes are tallied, he said.“If you have real proof that things are not working the way that all the rules say they should be — or worse, actually rigged in some way — then it’s much better to go before a judge now, rather then put the judge in a position of overturning what thousands of people said they want,” said Conacher, a political science professor at the University of Ottawa.Asked about the prospect of a court challenge, Tory legislator Todd Smith said he hoped it wouldn’t come to that.“I think what I would like to see on Saturday is, no matter who wins, is that the other campaigns unite behind our leader and we start to focus on Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals,” said Smith. “It’s been five or six weeks now where we’ve been pointing the guns inwards — I think right now it’s important that we focus on defeating the Liberals on June 7.”The party said nearly 77,000 members had registered to vote and more than 44,000 had cast a ballot as of Wednesday evening.last_img read more

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Ski resort a step closer after high court ruling in Grizzly Bear

first_imgThe Canadian PressOTTAWA –Approval of a ski resort in a region held sacred by Indigenous people does not violate their constitutional right to freedom of religion, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled Thursday.The high court decision means the proposed resort development in southeastern British Columbia is a step closer to reality.The Ktunaxa Nation consider the land at the foot of Jumbo Mountain to be sacred and say construction of the resort would drive away Grizzly Bear Spirit, a principal figure of their religious beliefs, from an area known as Qat’muk.They argued that charter of rights protections for freedom of religion must include not only spiritual beliefs, but also underlying sacred sites _ in this case the presence of Grizzly Bear Spirit in Qat’muk.The Supreme Court ruled that religious protections under the charter do not extend that far, covering only the freedom to hold such beliefs and the right to manifest them through worship and teaching.“In short, the charter protects the freedom to worship, but does not protect the spiritual focal point of worship,” a majority of the court ruled.The Supreme Court also found the B.C. minister of forests, lands and natural resource operations “did not act unreasonably” in deciding the constitutional obligation to consult the Ktunaxa about their concerns had been met.“We arrive at these conclusions cognizant of the importance of protecting Indigenous religious beliefs and practices and the place of such protection in achieving reconciliation between Indigenous Peoples and non-Indigenous communities,” the reasons for judgment said.The ruling stems from a suit filed by the Ktunaxa after Glacier Resorts received B.C. government approval to proceed with the project.The company plans to build a year-round ski resort with lifts to glacier runs and overnight accommodation for guests and staff.For more than two decades, Glacier has been negotiating with the provincial government and interested parties, including the Ktunaxa and Shuswap peoples living in the Jumbo Valley.Early in the process, the Indigenous groups raised concerns about the development. Consultations led to significant changes in the proposal, satisfying the Shuswap people.The Ktunaxa continued to have concerns and after lengthy discussions it appeared there would be an agreement. But late in the process they took the position the planned resort would make Grizzly Bear Spirit flee.After renewed efforts to revive the talks, the government declared that reasonable consultation had taken place and approved the project.The Ktunaxa were unsuccessful in trying to overturn the decision in the B.C. courts, prompting the appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada.last_img read more

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Handy and Harman fine silver quotations 22340 oz 71823 kg

Handy and Harman fine silver quotations in Canadian dollars:Wednesday $22.340 oz., $718.23 kg.; Tuesday $22.239 oz., $714.98 kg.

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Whats Up in AV 4 Trends to Watch

technology-3378259__340.jpg Meetings Made Easy: One Video Platform or More Beth Schultz September 09, 2019 Standardizing on a single platform or enabling platform-agnostic collaboration are two ways to go about reducing friction in the meeting room. See All in Video Collaboration & A/V » 3. 5G changes the gameWhile the buzz around this at the show was fairly limited, I’m still surprised about how little the AV industry knows about 5G and its capabilities. This technology is one of the disrupters quickly gaining ground, and most of the AV industry isn’t prepared. This includes everyone from manufacturers to integrators. It’s been an ongoing theme that IT will take over AV, but we might actually see that devices don’t need AV or IT. Video Communication Must Improve, Even as It Hits Its Stride Michael Helmbrecht September 12, 2019 Video conferencing at work has boomed. Now we need to fully deliver on its promise. Back in June, I attended my 17th InfoComm, one of the largest AV trade shows. It’s a fantastic place to meet the who’s who of the A/V world, learn more about what’s happening in the space and experience the innovations on the horizon. While we typically see Infocomm as an opportunity for big players to unveil hot new product lines or demo upcoming features, this year, it seemed like many companies were less focused on grand ideas of the future and more homed in on solving the problems of the here and now. Here’s a good analogy: When you purchase a BMW, the best that car will ever be is the moment you drive it off the lot. Its functions will only decline with wear and tear; and as newer models offer new features, you’ll need to purchase the new model to get those features. On the other hand, when you purchase a Tesla, your vehicle will improve with time because it’s designed to accept software updates and new features for which t the hardware is purpose-built. Similarly, software providers are looking for devices that can support their updates over time without replacing that hardware or at least limiting replacement to larger time gaps than have previously been in practice. Don’t Get Ripped Off with Video Conferencing Pricing Chris Heinemann July 30, 2019 Financially, the cost of video conferencing isn’t just high, it’s unpredictable. It’s time for a different approach. 2. AI accelerates the processThat said, another major trend seen at InfoComm this year was the increased use of artificial intelligence (AI) and the improved analytics it provides. Gone are the days of pouring over spreadsheets or data points to understand trends and take action on them. Through AI, manufacturers are now able to provide insightful data via their devices and then have solutions that can decipher the data. This is helping expedite the creation of new devices and software versions as manufacturers more easily learn what their end users need and want. Additionally, AI can pour over enormous quantities of data that wouldn’t have been possible with just humans reviewing. Because of this, we’re now able not only to count the number of people in a room, but also drill down and say how many men with glasses actually attended. With the introduction of 5G and the speeds that it could offer, wired and Internet service providers will need to change as well. Imagine latency goes from 20ms on 4G to just 4ms on 5G. Plus, 5G’s speed is well documented as it’s 100 times faster than 4G — i.e., faster than most home cable connections. This presents an exciting new opportunity. Reflections on the Zoom/Mac Security Debacle Dave Michels July 16, 2019 The vulnerability is all patched up, but questions linger. InfoComm is one of the shows I truly look forward to each year because it presents such a great opportunity to learn from the industry’s best and gain insight into what’s to come. This year, we saw many companies focusing on how to make significant improvements that look to benefit the end user. I’m excited to see how these changes play out over the next year and how things like AI and 5G will reshape the industry.Tags:News & ViewsAV5GInfoCommZoomUSB-CVideo Collaboration & A/VIndustry NewsNews & ViewsTechnology Trends Articles You Might Like 4. USB-C gains tractionFinally, as I mentioned in my previous piece, unified communications is a Wild West of players right now. The same is true for USB-C, the emerging standard for transferring data and power that is slowly replacing traditional USBs, Thunderbolts, and DisplayPorts on newer devices. 1. Hardware that can scaleSoftware providers like Zoom Video Communications and Microsoft are looking toward purpose-based PC solutions because they can evolve over time and can scale with the software providers, creating a better experience for end users. These companies are looking for solutions that only get better with time and can incorporate updates into existing systems. 3 Problems Still Facing Voice Services Alexey Aylarov September 04, 2019 Interconnectivity, teleconference audio quality, and robocalling issues are still impacting voice services. And while some manufacturers are trying to capitalize on it, it’s still very new and uncharted territory. AV professionals are interested in USB-C, but the solution presents new problems. It’s hard to extend it with an additional cord, problems are difficult to diagnose and troubleshoot, and interoperability can be an issue. USB-C has a cable that can be inserted into a device in more than one way, unlike traditional USB, which only fits in one direction. USB-C also has the capability to carry a much greater amount of power, meaning it can power not only smartphones and smaller devices but also laptops and much larger power-hungry devices with a single cable. 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Lowes cuts US store jobs

Lowe’s Co. is laying off thousands of employees at its U.S. stores as it outsources some of their duties to outside companies.The home-improvement chain, based in Mooresville, North Carolina, declined to say exactly how many employees were affected. But The Wall Street Journal reported that thousands of employees were told this week that their jobs were eliminated, which the company confirmed.Lowe’s spokeswoman Jackie Pardini Hartzell said Thursday that the cuts are coming as the company moves to a third-party assemblers and facility services to allow store associates to spend more time on the sales floor serving customers.Lowe’s, under its relatively new CEO Marvin Ellison, is trying to return its focus to its home improvement chain and streamline its business.Sarah Skidmore Sell, The Associated Press read more

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UNICEF warns 1800 unaccompanied refugee children in Greece need proper shelter care

“Children stranded without families should have proper shelter, care and protection, and there are solutions that could make this a reality for them,” said Laurent Chapuis, Country Coordinator for UNICEF’s refugee and migrant response in Greece in a press release issued over the weekend.The solutions include transfer these children to shelters on the mainland without delays, devote available funding to existing shelters with the right standards, and put more foster care or supervised living schemes in place, he added.Although the Greek authorities and their partners have made tremendous efforts in responding to the needs of children and families, the recent surge in the refugee and migrant arrivals has led to further overcrowding and deteriorating living conditions in island camps, with some reception facilities hosting twice as many as they were designed for.In September, there were more than 5,700 arrivals in Greece compared to an estimated 3,080 arrivals a year earlier. There are now some 1,800 unaccompanied children waiting for a place in shelter, living in open sites, reception centres, or who are otherwise stranded on the islands or in de facto detention centres. Some of these children are even living on the streets, and the approaching winter is adding to the risk. Children are particularly vulnerable at night without proper safeguards in place. Delays of up to five months in transferring children from the islands to the mainland are compounding their emotional and mental strain. UNICEF is also calling for urgent policy and legal reforms to strengthen community-based care after years of economic hardship in Greece. For those children who have family elsewhere in Europe, UNICEF is urging other European countries to step up family reunification. read more

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Budget offers certainty and clarity to UK automotive industry

Government action to ease access to affordable finance can only help support private sector investment in skills, innovation and technologies at a crucial period of recovery.  Support for manufacturing, no further changes to fuel duty or VED rates and the confirmation of plans to establish a Green Investment Bank are also welcome measures that will support our businesses commitments to the UK. “Today’s emergency Budget sets out painful measures for individuals and businesses. Industry hopes the certainty they provide will create financial stability, confidence and growth,” said Paul Everitt, SMMT chief executive.  “Although there are concerns about the rise in VAT, its delayed introduction will give industry an opportunity to prepare and may boost demand in the short-term. The determination to increase bank lending and investment in new low carbon technologies is welcome, but effective measures are urgently required to help sustain a still fragile recovery.” SMMT has welcomed today’s Budget for the long-term clarity and stability it gives to UK manufacturing through clear measures to re-balance the economy and place greater importance on the private sector and industries, like automotive, to drive growth, investment and exports.  However, industry recognises that these will continue to be challenging times for the economy and our members’ businesses as we emerge cautiously from recession. Consumer demandThe increased rate of VAT will add around £300 to the price of an average car, potentially impacting on private buyers’ confidence and demand, but industry welcomes the delayed timeframe, allowing time for businesses and consumers to plan and prepare. The UK automotive industry looks to continue its collaborative work with government.  Through the Automotive Council, industry will strive to keep the UK at the centre of the global low carbon agenda and a prime base for investment in a country that the chancellor described as “open for business”.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Business investmentThe plan to lower the corporation tax rate from 28% this year to 24% in 2014 is a welcome measure that incentivises and enables businesses to plan for the future with confidence, continuing with investment in new technologies and product development and creating more jobs.  We remain concerned over lower capital allowances, these may impact on business investment and demand for vehicles. read more

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Brock prof wins award for reading research

Applied developmental psychologist Jan Frijters has a powerful message for teens living with dyslexia, their parents and teachers: don’t give up the struggle to read.Applied developmental psychologist Jan Frijters has a powerful message for teens living with dyslexia, their parents and teachers: don’t give up the struggle to read.In fact, the International Reading Association – the world’s foremost expert on literacy – is so impressed by the research behind this message that it has granted Frijters and his team its 2014 Albert J. Harris Award for their paper “Evaluating the Efficacy of Remediation for Struggling Readers in High School.”“This award is an excellent validation of the need to move research-based interventions into the schools,” says Frijters. “It’s a validation not to write off some adolescents who many people think, ‘well, if they haven’t learned to read by now, there’s no hope for them’.”Developmental psychologist Maureen Lovett, a colleague of Frijters, created a remedial reading program focusing on three areas — word identification strategies, knowledge of text structures, and reading comprehension strategies.With massive support from psychological and educational colleagues at the Toronto Catholic District School Board, the research teamed rolled out the intervention to the most struggling high school students in an entire school district.The research team worked with 268 students in mostly Grades 9 and 10 who had “very serious” reading delays, mostly due to their struggles with picking up reading skills.” Eighty-three students on the waiting list acted as the “control” group.“When we talk about reading disability, we talk about children who are just consistently failing to meet the developmental expectations of where they should be for their age,” he says, adding that it includes slow reading, inaccurate reading or reading without understanding what is written.Participants were assessed on reading and reading-related skills at the beginning and end of the semester, with some participants being assessed one year later.The researchers found that students who went through the program achieved higher scores on all aspects of reading compared to students in the control group, even one year later.Frijters says providing adolescents with reading skills has “massive implications” for their lives.“It has implications for whether an adolescent who turns into a young adult will pick up a health information pamphlet, for example,” he says. “It has direct relations to whether or not they will be able to get a job that depends on them being able to read.”And it’s a big challenge. In recent years, up to 15 per cent of high school students in Ontario have failed their first attempt at one or more components of the provincial literacy test, which threatens their chances of earning a secondary school diploma.The development of this intervention is continuing under the umbrella of the Center for the Study of Adult Literacy, on which Frijters is one of five principal investigators. Collaborators at Brock University, the University of Memphis, Georgia State University and SickKids Hospital are building a hybrid reading intervention for struggling adult readers.Frijters’ and colleagues’ paper, “Evaluating the Efficacy of Remediation for Struggling Readers in High School,” was published in the Journal of Learning Disabilities in 2012.The Albert J. Harris award recognizes an article or monograph “that makes an outstanding contribution to the understanding of, prevention, or assessment of remediation for struggling readers in high school.”The 53,000-member International Reading Association (IRA) is a nonprofit, global network of individuals and institutions committed to worldwide literacy. Based in the U.S., the IRA works to improve the quality of reading instruction, disseminate research and information about reading, and encourage the lifetime reading habit. read more

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Australian police arrest gunman involved in shopping centre threat

first_imgPOLICE IN BRISBANE have arrested a 34-year-old man in a shopping centre after he made threats while holding a firearm.An emergency situation was declared in the city at 11.20am local time when authorities received reports of an armed person in Queen Street Mall.A stand-off between the gunmen and armed units of the force for about an hour before the suspect was detained.He has been taken to Royal Brisbane Hospital with what are described as non life-threatening injuries. It is understood that ‘less-than-lethal’ rounds were used by officers to subdue him.As is standard practice for such incidents, an investigation will now be held into the “appropriateness of the police action in resolving the incident”.During the stand off, the mall and its surrounding area was evacuated. Armed police with bullet proof vests told people in the surround area to run away from the centre, according to ABC reporter Dea Clark.It is understood the man was shirtless while waving a handgun just before the lunchtime rush.The stand-off ended at 12.40pm when two loud bangs were heard.Queensland Premier Campbell Newman praised the police force for resolving the incident and keeping members of the public safe.Read: Australian police force poaching trained gardaílast_img read more

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Cyclone Yasi sapproche du nordest de lAustralie

first_imgCyclone : Yasi s’approche du nord-est de l’AustralieLe continent australien s’inquiète de l’arrivée de Yasi, le cyclone le plus puissant de l’histoire du pays. Mercredi, des milliers de personnes ont commencé à fuir leurs habitations.Il devrait atteindre les côtes australiennes dans quelques heures : le puissant cyclone Yasi suscite toutes les craintes aujourd’hui dans le pays. Certains abris affichent déjà complet, rapporte l’Express, alors que les habitants veulent fuir leurs maisons, qui risquent d’être dévastées par le cyclone. Ses vents devraient souffler à 300 km/h. Yasi, qui couvre une superficie plus grande que l’Italie, a été classé dans la catégorie 5, catégorie la plus élevée sur l’échelle de la dangerosité de Saffir-Simpson, précise la même source. Sa puissance serait comparable, selon les experts, à celle de l’ouragan Katrina, qui avait dévasté la Nouvelle-Orléans aux Etats-Unis en 2005.À lire aussiRoi de l’imitation, cet oiseau-lyre peut reproduire le son d’un pistolet-laserPlus de 10.600 personnes se sont déjà rendues dans des centres d’évacuation. Mais ce sont 400.000 au total qui se trouvent sur la trajectoire prévue du cyclone. On retrouve aussi des stations balnéaires et la grande barrière de corail.Des milliers de soldats ont été déployés à Townsville, où ont commencé les premières pluies, pour aider la population après le passage du cyclone. C’est la deuxième catastrophe qui frappe l’Australie en quelques semaines seulement. Depuis Noël, la région du Queensland connaît des inondations qualifiées de “bibliques” par les autorités australiennes. Trente-cinq personnes ont perdu la vie dans cette montée brutale des eaux.Le 2 février 2011 à 09:18 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

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Transportation fee hike bill passes statehouse

first_imgOlympia – A measure requiring Transportation Benefit Districts to hold a public hearing before raising fees passed the statehouse this week.Rep. Liz Pike, R-Camas, backed House Bill 1606.Currently, Transportation Benefit Districts have independent taxing authority, according to a news release. To raise taxes they are sometimes required to first seek voter approval, but there are other instances where no voter-approval is required, such as annual vehicle and transportation impact fees up to $50.“A number of constituents have complained to me that TBDs have very little transparency when it comes to voting for tax and fee increases. I believe it is imperative that TBDs hold public hearings to allow for citizen input before raising car tab fees and other new taxes that could be imposed with or without a public vote,” Pike said in a statement.The bill now goes to the Senate.last_img read more

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Sara Ali Khan on working with Kartik Aaryan I am being paid

first_imgKartik Aaryan, Sara Ali KhanPR handoutSara Ali Khan and Kartik Aaryan are almost inseparable as the two are often spotted together not just on film sets, but also off set. Now, the actress reacted to the viral pictures that showed her sitting behind Kartik on a bike.In a video shared on social media by a fan-page, a candid Sara is seen sharing her experience of working with her rumoured beau on the sets of Love Aaj Kal 2.”I had a blast. Every day on the set was a fun memory, I don’t think I can pick a memory… there were moments where I was like I am actually working because the AD would come and say the shot is ready and I’d be like oh okay, I am here on a job,” Sara said.Talking about the bike ride with Kartik, Sara jokingly said, “She is getting paid” to do that. “I used to laughingly say that I am being paid to sit behind Kartik Aaryan on a bike. I mean, any girl would die to do that right. So it was quite fun,” she added.Although neither Sara nor Kartik confirmed their relationship, they have always openly expressed liking for each other. Directed by Imtiaz Ali, Love Aaj Kal 2 is slated to be released next year February.last_img read more

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7 killed in prison riot in Mexicos gulf coast

first_img Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober Parents, stop beating yourself up Top Stories Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Comments   Share   Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement New Valley school lets students pick career-path academiescenter_img Get a lawn your neighbor will be jealous of Sponsored Stories Two people were injured and nine were arrested, the statement said.The victims ranged in age from 20 to 59, and were serving time for federal and state crimes.Officials said nine inmates were responsible for starting the fight because of problems they had with the victims.Thirty-one prisoners died in a riot in the same prison early last year.(Copyright 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) New Year’s resolution: don’t spend another year in a kitchen you don’t like MEXICO CITY (AP) – State security officials say seven inmates have died in a prison riot in Mexico’s Gulf coast state of Tamaulipas bordering Texas.Tamaulipas security chief and state attorney general say the inmates were killed with makeshift knives in a fight in one cellblock in the coastal city of Altamira, about 300 miles south of Brownsville, Texas. Officials said in a statement Saturday that the riot occurred about 6 a.m. local time.last_img read more

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